A dog discovers a dying baby bird in his garden, since he saved it they are best friends!

The heroic action of this dog amazes and saves the life of a bird that would be lost without him.

The Labrador, Hiro , and his mistress Viviana Davila live in a house in Puerto Rico. One day, the pair were enjoying the good weather on the terrace when Hiro went on alert. Something had run aground near the barrier.

The dog went to take a close look. He finds a baby bird in very bad condition and begins to lick it to keep it alive. While doing this, Hiro tries to call his mistress.

Davila realizes that something is going on and goes to her dog. Seeing the injured animal , she covers it with a towel and picks it up with the aim of taking it to be examined by a professional .

After consultation, the vet announces to Davila that his dog saved the life of the parakeet. Unfortunately, the animal is paraplegic. He probably fell from his nest. But he would never have survived without Hiro’s help.

In the majority of cases, reports the Dodo, the bird would certainly have been euthanized. But the latter was particularly combative. Davila therefore baptized it Hope , because it represents hope.

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Davila decided to adopt the baby bird. Following the vet’s instructions, she takes care of Hope and observes extraordinary improvements. The bird is doing better and better and it is gaining strength.

As for the dog, it plays its role of big brother to perfection. He follows his little sister everywhere and always keeps an eye on her.


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