Left to his fate, a hungry Pitbull avoids the worst transformed by the love of help!

A dog is found hungry and lonely. She was barely saved from death.

Kimmy is a 1 year old Pitbull dog. When Second Chance Rescue found her, she was in a very severe state of thinness , as reported by Dodo .

Members of the shelter don’t know how long the dog has been alone on the streets of New York. Wandering and wandering, she had only skin on her bones. She looked dejected and thought she was lost. But she soon discovered that those around her were able to save her by lavishing love on her .

Very quickly and after just a few weeks, Kimmy put on the pounds . She was therefore able to leave the veterinary clinic .

Today, the bitch is in perfect health . She has shown tremendous progress in record time. She was also able to discover what it was like to be surrounded by loving people . The bitch who is only one year old deserved a second chance . Her life was just beginning and she might never have found the chance to start over.

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In search of an adoptive family , the Second Chance Rescue shelter posted an ad on social media. In the latter, the difficult course and the fighting nature of the bitch are underlined. Just as it is reminded that the bitch has a very adorable temperament and that she expects only one thing, it is to find a loving family to lavish her affection on .


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