He swallows a cannabis cookie by chance, his condition is becoming worrying!

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Billy accidentally ate cookies containing cannabis. He had to be taken to the veterinary emergency room by his mistress, who was keen to share his story to encourage dog owners to be more vigilant.

Sarah Eccles , owner of a dog by the name of Billy , got very scared for Billy when he consumed cookies presumably containing cannabis . A video showing him unable to move and having tremors quickly went viral. She insisted that these images be seen by as many people as possible to raise awareness of the dangers of psychoactive substances on dogs, as reported by Sputnik News .

According to Billy’s mistress, this 6-year-old Bichon Frize / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross had bitten into 2 chocolate cookies (chocolate is also one of the dangerous foods for dogs ) that were lying around on the ground in a park in the Lancashire, in the North West of England. 2 hours later, the quadruped was barely able to stand on its legs and was shaking . The cookies smelled like cannabis , again according to his mistress.

Sarah Eccles took her dog to the vet emergency room , where he was made to vomit before being put on a drip . He was no longer able to control his bladder and his heart rate had dropped worryingly in the meantime. Fortunately, his medical treatment was swift . Vets expect him to fully recover . They kept him under their surveillance overnight.

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The nervous system of dogs is much more sensitive to chemicals such as cannabinoids than that of humans. Their impact is therefore greater , hence the need to react quickly in the event of accidental ingestion of any product likely to contain it. Responding quickly means getting her to the vet without wasting time , as Sarah Eccles did .

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