A cat was stuck for 3 months in an apartment without light

The 4 Pattounes / Facebook

It had been 3 months since a cat was locked in an apartment empty of occupants, without light, food or water. Alerted by the neighborhood, the association Les 4 Pattounes took care of her and filed a complaint against the former tenants.”

Founded in April 2019 by a police captain, Les 4 Pattounes recently saved an abandoned cat in a dwelling in Cugnaux (31), as reported by 20 Minutes on Wednesday, March 31.” Kdspe”

By creating her association, Céline Gardel wants to help animals and contribute to improving society in different ways. The 4 Pattounes do not only rescue cats and dogs in difficulty; it also intervenes in schools to raise awareness among students and aims to create an animal brigade bringing together its police and gendarmes colleagues. This last project would also benefit from the encouragement of the Ministry of the Interior, says the policewoman to 20 Minutes.”

This week, Les 4 Pattounes saved a life, that of the cat who was locked up, since January 6, in the apartment in the Toulouse region mentioned above. The fact that she survived almost 3 months in total darkness and without any resources, led Celine Gardel to call her Miracle. The animal was not identified.”

The tenants had left this house on the ground floor at the beginning of the year, leaving the one-year-old feline left to his own devices. Miracle had been in the kitchen ever since, with no way out or light source, since the doors and shutters were all closed.”

Questioned by his meows of distress, the neighbors launched the alert. As soon as Céline Gardel found out, she informed the municipal police, while a neighbor was able to contact the former occupants of the dwelling who promised to send the keys in express parcels.”

The latter was however slow to arrive. The policewoman and founder of the 4 Pattounes then decided to call the gendarmerie. A locksmith arrived to unlock the door and free the cat.”

” Miracle in good hands, a complaint filed for voluntary abandonment

Miracle was taken to the veterinarian on Wednesday. She will have to regain weight and strength, but her state of health does not cause great concern.”

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The association has filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment with the gendarmerie brigade of Cugnaux. She demands the confiscation of the cat, so that she can be put up for adoption. The 4 Pattounes also want the former tenants to be subject to the prohibition of owning animals and that they pay damages, in particular for the costs incurred with the locksmith.”

A fundraiser has been opened on the Helloasso platform to help cover expenses.”

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