After a long work, a volunteer manages to get in touch with this stray dog who did not want anyone!

Confidence is not something that is built overnight. Carley Coca knows this and has been extremely patient with the stray dog she was trying to save.

Carley Coca , who lives in Florida, has been rescuing animals in distress from a young age. She is also a volunteer in an association called Paw Print Hearts . So when she learned that 3 stray dogs needed help near a church in Plant City , 30 minutes from her home, she didn’t hesitate for a second to go see them, reports The Dodo.

Arriving at the scene, she easily managed to lure Zeus and Lily into her car. But the 3rd, Luck, was recalcitrant. He fled with each attempted approach. She had to resolve to leave without him .

After having entrusted the 2 quadrupeds to foster families , Carley Coca decided to try again with Chance . Every day after work, she would come back to the church side bringing several burgers in the hopes of coaxing her, but the animal preferred to stay hidden.

It was not until day 6 that his attitude has changed. While, usually, the dog did not come out of his hiding place when Carley Coca arrived, this time he chose to wait for him on the sidewalk , but always at a safe distance.

Then, two days later, Chance went even further; he ran towards the volunteer car, wagging his tail . She slowly got her hand out of the door and the dog licked it . She then got out of the vehicle, gave him time to sniff it before patting him on the head. Carley Coca was moved to tears . Chance finally trusted him .

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Without pushing him, she was able to take him on board and take him to the vet . Covered with fleas, ticks , very dirty and thin , he was going to need care and love to get back to health. What her benefactress has generously offered her since she received it. Chance will spend some more time with her, until he is ready to be adopted by another family.


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