20 animals who are waiting for your love with their insistent gaze

The looks these dogs and cats give to their owners surpass the most powerful words.

Our pets don’t talk, but when it comes to showing their love to us , they know how to do it perfectly. They do it in different ways, but one of the most touching is definitely the way they look .

Here are 20 dogs and cats who tell their humans they love them with their eyes

1. He loves her even more since she got pregnant

2. A look overflowing with love

3. Difficult to stay focused in the face of this

4. A friendship that nothing can alter

5. Birds of a feather flock together

6. This Labrador Retriever comforts his kitten friend who needs to be seen by the vet

7. When you press this magic button, the German Shepherd will smile

8. Leah fully enjoys this moment of tenderness with her new mother

9. This French Bulldog fell asleep in his daddy’s arms with a smile

10. This Boston Terrier too

11. A look full of affection and gratitude

12. This Pyrenean Mountain Dog wouldn’t miss his daily hug for the world

14. This Golden Retriever is particularly helpful

15. This Bernese Mountain puppy has grown up well

16. It’s the best day of his life too

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18. They love each other and need each other

19. This kitten no longer has to be afraid

20. A look that’s worth 1000 words!


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Swiss Hound

Other names: Bernois, Courant Bernois, Bruno du Jura, Lucernois, Courant schwytzois, Schweizer Laufhund 0.0 / 5 0 reviews Navigation The Swiss Hound is a medium-sized,

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