Turn your pet into a living cartoon with this new Snapchat filter!

Bored Panda

The Snapchat app now has around 210 million active users worldwide. There is therefore a good chance that you are part of it and that, in addition, you are the proud owner of one or more pets . If so, you might like the filter recently launched by Snapchat.

As Demotivator points out, many users of the application have tried “ Cartoon Face ” on their companions and many of them have shared their creations on social networks. Here are a few examples:

1. Virtual eyes that bring even more joy in the gaze of this Labrador-Retriever

2. This Jack Russell Terrier seems much more suspicious

3. The filter also works when the dog is sleeping

4. What do you say about the big blue eyes of this Welsh Corgi Pembroke?

5. Or those of this magnificent doggie?

6. This Chihuahua, meanwhile, looks puzzled

7. This German Spitz already had a lot of charm before the filter, which gave him a little more

8. Same thing for this lovely bitch

9. He, on the other hand, gives the impression of finding that this little game has lasted long enough

10. This Pug has tried too, and he can’t believe his eyes

11. He looks like he was caught in the act of stupidity

12. This Labrador Retriever is taunting you!

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13. This big dog catches his breath before resuming play.

14. And this one only hopes for one thing: the walk


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