Relationship between children and dogs

Illustration : "Les relations entre l'enfant et le chien"

the connection between children and dogs may be spontaneous or the result of mutual domestication. But they usually build strong friendships. This special relationship contributes to the development of children and dogs.


uses the real symbiotic relationship to know how to set the boundary of

, how to make use of this conspiracy, and what position does everyone have in a family? Understand behind these intimate relationships and the rules of life that still need to be observed.

uses a real symbiotic relationship.

young children do not necessarily understand that raising a dog means taking care of it. For him, animals are curious objects and playmates. But he can gain a sense of responsibility by taking care of new friends. Of course, parents must participate by setting an example and give some tasks to their children: feeding dogs, brushing hair, pulling baskets, etc. the existence of animals can also calm children and help them develop a better personality. In fact, he needs

to learn to be quieter so that he won’t pass on his tension to animals. Be patient because the two species communicate in very different ways. Focus on not hurting your partner.

friendship can have some other positive effects. Dogs can also learn a lot from young people. His protective instinct will develop over time, and he will learn to respond differently in different situations. For example, when a child is present, he will be very interesting and caring, but he will not be so amiable in the face of strangers.

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dogs and humans. Even if they are the best friends in the world, they are in a different position. Parents are obviously the boss of the family. Then the children, and finally the dogs. Animals should not feel superior or worse and use your children as toys. He must obey his master, but he has the right to a certain degree of privacy.

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if the dog goes back to his private space (in this case, the basket), it wants to be quiet. Children don’t insist on playing with him because men (your children or yourself) have a higher level. If a dog refuses to obey orders, you must firmly remind him who is the master. Everyone has his own things. Dogs don’t eat on children’s plates, just as children don’t touch dog toys (except for fun)

a strong relationship is based on mutual respect. It is by educating everyone (children and dogs) that we gain this respect. This requires infinite patience, but it will pay off surprisingly.

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