Alerted by his dogs on a walk, a man discovers and tries to save a dog trapped in the icy waters of a lake!

When he realized that a dog had found himself trapped in frozen waters in the middle of a park, a passer-by did not hesitate to join him there to rescue him. Thanks to his heroic intervention, the animal was saved and returned to its family.

Last winter, Don Chatten took his 2 dogs to a park accessible to canines, in Ellicott Creek Park in New York State. The trio were about to pass over a bridge spanning a small stream, when the quadrupeds abruptly stopped . Their eyes were on a small figure in the icy water in the distance.

Don Chatten hadn’t paid much attention to it, thinking it was a duck . He and his dogs then resumed their journey to the car, as it was time to go home.

However, as soon as they crossed the bridge, his 2 companions started to observe the animal in question, but in a more insistent manner. Their master then decided to take a closer look. It was there that he found it was actually a dog, Animal Channel reports. The poor man had found himself stuck in the frozen water . He was frozen and could not get back to shore.

A little further on, he saw a woman who was in a panic . It was the owner of the dog in distress. She was trying to reach help , but Don Chatten explained to her that the situation was too urgent and that we could not wait for the firefighters to arrive. He decided to act on his own to save the doggie.

He sank into the extremely cold water, but the dog moved away . He eventually managed to catch up with him , then bring him back to dry land to hand him over to his relieved and grateful mistress.

Don Chatten then hurried back to his vehicle to warm up and join his dogs. He could be proud of what he had just accomplished.

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