Abandoned by the vet, this sick dog has returned to the top!

For his first visit to the vet in 5 years, a dog is in such a state that vets ask his owner to put him under their care.

Dobby is a 5 year old Bichon type dog. His owner had never taken him to the vet , as she feared the expense it would entail.

She took him to the low-cost Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare veterinary clinic in Florida in January 2016. Seeing him, specialists and their assistants were in awe of his condition.

The dog was not only extremely malnourished , but he also had serious skin problems . His whole skin was red and bloody. Its claws were so long that they curled around themselves and pierced its pads. Her owner admitted to using a carpet product as a flea treatment . The practitioners begged her to release the dog and turn it over to them. She accepted right away, says Sara Harper from the clinic at Dodo .

Although closed that day, the clinic opened its doors especially for Dobby to begin treatment immediately. The vets cut his claws, cleaned him, and began to prepare him for his tests and treatment. The dog was in great pain but did not complain . On the contrary, he was extremely grateful that he was taken care of. His eyes were filled with love for the people he guessed were his saviors.

The Pawsibilities Rescue then took charge of providing Dobby’s treatment. It took months and months for her skin to heal and hair to grow back.

Liz Ford had filled out the necessary forms to adopt Wylie , another dog from the shelter. But seeing Dobby , she knew he had to be part of her family too. Still under treatment, Dobby could not yet leave the reception structure.

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Some time later, Ford assured the shelter that she would take care of the canine. When Wylie and Dobby saw each other again, they immediately recognized each other. Dobby was not only going to heal soon, he also had a new loving family and a brother .

Dobby has now regained his beautiful white coat.


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