Viral friendship between garbage collectors and 2 dogs who wait for their heroes to come every week

For the dogs Ralph and Bruno, the arrival of the garbage collectors in front of their owners’ house is an appointment they would not miss for the world. The friendship that binds them is a pure wonder.

Generally, dogs are not too keen on being near their owners’ houses. Garbage collectors, letter carriers and other delivery people are not welcome in their eyes, but this is not always true. They can even be best friends, as the story of this German Shepherd and New Zealand postman shows, as well as the beautiful relationship this Golden Retriever dog has with an American garbage collector.

This is also the case for 2 sympathetic Hungarian Shorthaired Poiners called Ralph and Bruno , as reported by the Daily Mail this Thursday, September 9. A video recently posted on TikTok showing their reaction to the arrival of the garbage collection team quickly went viral.

The Vizslas duo has tens of thousands of fans on the platform and on Instagram , where their families regularly post beautiful photos and videos of them.

vizslaralph / Instagram

A cuckoo clock and some treats

Let us return to the sequence in question, which is particularly touching. It is filmed from the living room and we see the canines impatiently awaiting the weekly visit of the garbage collectors. An appointment they never miss.

Ralph and Bruno , who live in Nottinghamshire, England, hear the truck approaching and rush to the window. They stand up on their hind legs and wag their tails vigorously, as one of the men approaches. He leaves briefly to load the bags of garbage, then returns to the dogs to greet them and offer them treats. Which, of course, only adds to their joy.

The garbage collector then says goodbye to them and resumes his tour. Ralph and Bruno see him walking away with, no doubt, a little pang in his heart. They will wait wisely for his next visit.

Here is the video:

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The boys honestly thought the binmen had forgotten about them today. Look how Bruno’s tail stops wagging when he realizes. ???? #monday #fyp #foryou

? Accidentally in Love – KiD RAiN


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