Discover the unique concept of Truffle & Moustache food supplements for dogs and cats

Illustration : "Découvrez le concept unique des compléments alimentaires Truffe & Moustache pour chien et chat" © Truffle & Moustache

Plant-based, Truffle & Moustache food supplements are simple to give to your dog or cat, thanks to well-studied herbal medicine mixtures and a mill specifically designed by the brand. The whole thing is 100% natural and made in France.”

How about incorporating freshly ground herbs into your pet’s meals to help them stay healthy? This is what Truffe & Moustache, a brand of food supplements for dogs and cats, offers.”

The products are 100% natural, easy to administer and made in France. The principle is simple; Truffe & Moustache offers you a varied range of supplements based on hydroalcoholic extracts of organic plants and dried plants, to grind directly in the bowl of your companion by means of a mill also developed by the brand.”

Different phytotherapeutic mixtures Truffle & Moustache are designed to meet the specific needs of your dog or cat:

Allure for hair and skin care Gambade for joint and muscle health Serenity to improve the nervous state and fight stress

These formulas are developed by 2 specialists: a renowned veterinarian and pharmacist expert in herbal medicine. These are to be taken as a 3-month cure so that your pet reaps all the benefits.”

As for the Truffle & Moustache mill, it is made of beech wood (body) and charm (ring) from the Jura, associated with a resistant and durable ceramic mechanism.”

So you can order one of the Truffle & Moustache Sets composed of the food supplement and the mill (59 €). Once the first cure is established, you have the opportunity to buy only the recharge for a value of 39 €

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