13 photos of tender moments between a dog or a cat and its owners

The moments of intimacy between pets and their owners are particularly moving. As can be seen in these photos.

The relationship between each owner and their pet is unique. When the bond is strong, the bond becomes very touching and the moments of tenderness countless.

Here are 13 moving photos illustrating the friendships between pets and their owners.

1. He welcomes a cat to his home to spare him the cold of winter. He doesn’t seem to want to get out of it. It either

2. Here is the cat who finds sleep only on the face of its owner

3. Every morning, his dog comes to spend a tender moment with him, hoping to dissuade him from going to work.

4. Her cat refused to approach her after a trip that lasted 10 days. A few hours later, he finally forgives her her absence and comes to her

5. The day this Australian Shepherd puppy was adopted by his new family

6. The owner is moved when she sees her 2 cats who love each other so much and who show so much tenderness towards each other.

7. The neighbor’s Rottweiler refuses to let the petting stop for a single second

8. It seems that his owner has to cancel all his appointments for the day

9. His first day in his new home for this bright-eyed puppy

10. This dog always imitates his mistress in the way he sits on the sofa

11. A dog who has just been adopted from a shelter and who seems to approve of his new home.

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12. Adopted 2 months ago, the bitch has finally adopted her owner in her turn

13. Pregnant, she goes through quite turbulent periods that her cats feel and come to relieve by their mere presence.


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