Petzone, a free application to find your lost pet, find a petsitter and much more!

Petzone offers several services for dog and cat owners: PetAlert, PetPassport, PetSitting and PetAround. It is the only platform to bring all these tools together for free.

A new app for pet owners has just been launched: Petzone . It brings together 4 100% free services to help owners find their lost dogs or cats , keep their companions and meet other people who share their passion nearby.

It was after losing his dog a few years ago that Jeremy wanted to embark on this project. The idea was to create an application allowing people finding themselves in the same situation as him to increase their chances of recovering their animals, and this, by relying on the combined efforts of a united community of canine and feline owners. .

Another personal experience prompted him to continue on this path, but also to integrate other services, all free, to make Petzone an application with a full range of services . At the time, Jeremy was, in fact, looking to have his dog looked after, but he realized that the connection fees on the platforms were particularly high .

Petzone therefore offers 4 services :


This is a lost animal alert service, allowing the user to trigger quickly and free of charge. a PetAlert and share it on social networks . The device gives the possibility of informing in real time the members of the community of the disappearance of the dog or the cat.

It also relies on participatory GPS where the community can position lost animals on a map , so their movements can be easily tracked by their owners.

The great advantage of such a tool is that it constitutes an additional asset in the first hours of research , knowing that this period of time is crucial . In 3 quarters of cases, the animals are found within a radius of 500 m around the place of disappearance.


Petzone ‘s PetSitting service is intuitive and secure . It is geared towards professional pet-sitters and is also free. The connection is made free of charge .


With PetAround , Petzone offers the user the opportunity to meet other nearby dog or cat owners. People with whom he can therefore share both his passion for animals and good times.

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Petzone ‘s PetPassport is an online passport containing all the information relating to the health and habits of the dog or cat. It generates a QR Code that the pet owner can print and place in their collar . Thus, in the event of loss, anyone with a smartphone can read the QR Code and obtain the master’s contact details to contact him.

The Petzone app is available in the App Store and on Google Play . </p

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