Miraculously, a dog with broken legs by its former owner escapes drowning thanks to the intervention of the emergency services

Suffering from multiple fractures and having narrowly missed being drowned in a river, a puppy abused by his former mistress was barely saved. Its owner will be prosecuted and faces several years of imprisonment. The young dog was operated on.

Lux is only 6 months old , but this puppy has already suffered tremendously . Victim of the cruelty of his owner, he slowly climbs the slope since his rescue in extremis by the police and volunteers , as reported by I Love Dogs .

Identified by investigators, her former detainee, by the name of Amber Sunde , was arrested and charged . She faces a 4-year prison sentence for all the brutal treatment she inflicted on the poor canine.

The young dog was rescued as he was about to be dumped in a river in Macomb County, Michigan. Supported by the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue association , he was taken urgently to a veterinary clinic , where the diagnosis made it possible to take the measure of the ordeal Lux was going through.

The animal had fractures in several parts of the body, including the skull and a front paw . His hind legs were also broken . After being examined, Lux was operated on several times.

One of her legs is so badly damaged it could be amputated , but vets are doing everything they can to save it .

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Slowly recovering from his nightmare and operations, Lux has been placed in a foster family , with whom he relearns to trust humans . When he is fully recovered, he can be offered for adoption.


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