2 gendarmes intervene at an altitude of 2,600 meters to help a dog stuck for 2 whole nights in the mountains

In the Hautes-Pyrénées, a dog who had spent 2 nights stuck in a rocky ridge was finally rescued by the gendarmes specializing in high mountain rescue. Safe and sound, the canine has been returned to its owners.

While accompanying a group of hunters , a dog found himself stranded in a rocky ridge in the town of Estaing (65) during the last weekend of November. However, he was rescued the following Monday, as reported by 20 Minutes .

On Saturday, November 28, the quadruped in question set out in pursuit of a boar . Caught in his tracks, the dog ended up being stuck at an altitude of 2,600 meters , on the western slope of Pic Maleshores .

His owners could not do anything to help him. They then called for help. The Hautes-Pyrénées gendarmerie sent its high mountain platoon ( PGHM 65 ). However, the military was unable to intervene immediately. They had to wait for more favorable conditions .

These were there on Monday morning (November 30). At around 8 a.m., 2 of these specialized rescuers started to climb the rock face . A delicate and long step, since they could not reach the location of the dog until around noon .

The gendarmes of the PGHM Haut-Pyrenees then securely harnessed the quadruped and made him wear a muzzle , before rappelling him down, taking all their precautions.

The same evening, the animal found its master . The dog was emaciated and injured , but now safe after spending 2 particularly difficult nights.

The Hautes-Pyrénées Gendarmerie delivered the details of this courageous rescue on its Facebook page on Monday (December 7). A publication also including photos of the operation.

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