Oliver, this dog who would never leave his bowl for the world!

Her adorable demeanor struck the hearts of her new owners. Oliver is a dog who was taken in by a shelter after being found wandering in the yard of a house. In this courtyard, he was already constantly walking around with his bowl of food in his mouth. The reasons for this atypical behavior can be multiple and are, for the time being, difficult to explain. The important thing is to know that it allowed him to find a home forever.

All dogs are unique. This one is indeed not like the others. His way of behaving challenges and allowed him to find a family . Indeed, since his arrival at Memphis Animal Services , a refuge in this American city, Oliver has never left his food bowl .

Is this the translation of such learning in the past or a lack of kibble ? No one can certify it. It must be said that Oliver was found in the yard of a house in Memphis , Tennessee. Probably that of its former owner. It was not easy to capture. As soon as rescuers tried to approach him, he fled , jumping over the fence. A small stratagem made it possible to get hold of it.

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Oliver’s behavior never challenged the employees of the shelter, even this strange way of standing with his bowl. Oliver was a balanced dog , who loved taste buds , cuddles and food . “ When I met him the first day he arrived, he sat down in front of me and I showed him the treats I was holding. Of course, seeing them made him even more impatient to sit down. » Normal behavior .

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Anyway, the fact of walking everywhere with his bowl amazed the employees of the refuge who did not hesitate to take out the camera. Clichés shared on social networks which allowed his new family to fall under his spell. “ We have received an unusual amount of applications to adopt it, ” concedes Katie . He met his new owners on April 16 and started a whole new life . History does not say if he has since left his famous bowl …


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