This dog cares so much about his wardrobe that his master made him a mini dressing room

In the beginning, clothes were a necessity for this cautious little dog named Pluto. Then, fashion became, in a way, a passion for the quadruped. The father of his mistress understood this well and found a way to please her.

Meet Pluto , the dog who is as stylish as he is affectionate and adorable . Her story is told to us by The Dodo , who thus relays a story shared by her owner Lily on her Twitter account .

Some time after adopting Pluto , Lily realized that something was wrong with the little quadruped; the dog kept shaking . His family then took him to the vet who, having detected no health problems in his home, concluded that it was probably the manifestation of a state of anxiety . For her part, Lily thought he just couldn’t stand the cold , that her dress wasn’t enough to keep him warm. The sequence of events would prove him right …

She wanted to do a test and thus made her dog wear a small jacket. Almost immediately, the tremors stopped . So that was the problem. And that’s where Pluto’s passion for clothing started.

Lily gave him a dozen vests and coats . But as her wardrobe grew, the question of how to store these dog clothes began to arise. Lily’s father offered the solution, since he made a mini closet .

Lily loved it and her dog even more. It is even he who now chooses what he wants to wear …

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