He restores his dog’s confidence by creating a magnificent boudoir-style bedroom

While Buster happily embraces life, that wasn’t always the case. This dog of a certain age has a master who has eyes only for him, and for his peace. Formerly lacking in confidence, the canine now has a privileged space inside his house. Designed and manufactured entirely by its owner.

The 12-year-old Buster is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is closer to the end than the beginning of his life. His life, in fact, has not always been very easy for him. So at two years old, Buster changed homes to find himself alongside Sean Farrell .

Facing him, however, Buster is not in the shape of his life . The one that accompanies him today. “ He didn’t like it when we were alone in the house. When that was the case, he would stay in his bedroom, only bothering to come downstairs to eat or to go for a walk . » Sean does not admit defeat. By dint of therapy , he manages to regain his canine’s self-confidence . So much so that Buster turned into… therapy dog. It provides significant help to people with autism, agoraphobes , and other phobias .

The creation of a boudoir room

Wood, plywood … a TV and shelves

He’s been staying there for several weeks and he’s happy to sleep there. “His creation, shared on social networks, had an unthinkable buzz for this Sunday handyman. “ I had no plan. I just bought wood and plywood, ”he admits. Well, there is still added a television , shelves , mood lighting and a fan . “ There are also pictures of my previous dog Zook on the wall,Sean adds.

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A master who allows his companion to recharge his batteries once in his room. “ I don’t play with him when he’s there. I want him to feel good inside, in his space . On the other hand, he does not miss the opportunity to titillate Buster as soon as he dares to venture outside.


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