Before the arrival of a hurricane, animal shelters are mobilized to expatriate and save 130 animals from drowning!

In anticipation of the arrival of a devastating hurricane in Texas, shelters located in Virginia took care of 130 dogs and cats who lived in reception facilities located in its path.

What was a tropical cyclone when it was born, near the West African coast, turned into a hurricane when it entered the Gulf of Mexico on August 25. Baptized Laura , it has already caused property damage and death in the Caribbean. 25 victims were to be deplored.

Hurricane Laura then threatened the coasts of the United States. He was heading for Texas, where an emergency evacuation operation for dogs and cats from shelters was put in place on Wednesday. A total of 130 animals were flown from Houston to Virginia, away from the hurricane’s intended route. A journey of nearly 2000 km.

The Richmond SPCA has welcomed 10 dogs and 21 cats , we learn via its Facebook page. They will be vaccinated , sterilized , microchipped and treated before being offered for adoption .

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This has not only helped to animals safe from the hurricane. She also relieved Texas shelters that were already struggling to cope with the influx of residents before the natural disaster. Once this has passed, they will be able to function normally again and take care of as many animals as possible.

Last year, the Richmond SPCA had already rescued 4 dogs from the Bahamas before Hurricane Dorian arrived.


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