Blind guide dog, how does it work?

Illustration : "Le chien guide d'aveugle, comment ça marche ?"

how do these dogs choose, train and adapt to their functions? Guide dog is a valuable tool to help the disabled. In addition to improving their mobility, they also enable them to be more self reliant.


is an apprenticeship that has been adapted to all situations in the daily life of

legal rights since it was domesticated thousands of years ago, Dogs have been providing valuable help to human beings in various ways. The modern history of this special relationship has witnessed the great development of dog learning and its role in human beings. Among the major developments discussed, assistance to the visually impaired is the most important. For those who get this support every day, this is a real blessing.

is a school and organization that has long started learning

to train guide dogs, paying special attention to the choice of dogs. They usually like blooded puppies from breeds known for their patience, kindness and learning ability. Therefore, golden retrievers and Labradors are the most commonly used. German shepherd dogs are also involved in this work.

of course, the selected puppy can not shorten the weaning time, on the contrary. They spent the first two months in the nursery with their mother and got used to human existence and contact very early. The quality of socialization process is essential for all dogs, especially for blind guide dogs, which is also a problem of great concern to educators.

later, the dog was handed over to a foster family, where he will integrate the basic principle: obedience, Basic orders (“sit”, “lie”, “don’t move…”) and human life.

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from 12 months old, dogs began to study in school. His educators gradually taught him the practice of obedience and behavior. Little by little, the animal learned the skills of being a guide for future partners.

in this way, it learned to obey orders, avoid obstacles, send signals (such as sleeping), and walk along roads and crosswalks, He performed well in public transport and responded to the ban with very precise words unique to the commands received by the guide dog. The training of


lasted for 6 months and was based on positive reinforcement. After completion, the dog will receive a certificate of conformity, which can eventually be handed over to the visually impaired, who will benefit from daily companionship. A period of about two weeks is observed first, so that each of the two elements will adapt to the other element. The first week at school, the second week at a blind family. Once the course is over, the pair will develop completely independently.

it is estimated that the training cost of guide dogs is between 18000 euros and 25000 euros.

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dogs have the right to burn

after death, which is guaranteed by the law, Guide dogs and their visually impaired owners have access to all places open to the public and public transport (trains, planes, subways, etc.). The law of 11 February 2005 provides that:R masks shall be provided free of charge in transportation, public places, places open to the public and places where professional, training or educational activities are allowed.


prohibit dogs with disability cards from entering these places and will be fined 150 to 450 euros

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