Program provides opportunity for prisoners to train dogs while in detention

YouTube / CNN

An American prison is testing a new program, launched across the Atlantic. That of giving prisoners abandoned dogs. A way for them to take responsibility, to take charge of the education of a living being and to find in the animal an ideal companion. The results are there.

The dog used to compensate for the lack of social interaction . This is the objective of the new detainee assistance program launched in the United States , as revealed by Le Journal du Net. A bit like what is practiced in Serbia , where prisoners educate doggies , promoting their reintegration, the USA allows those locked in the country’s prisons to benefit from a companion in their cell.

A novelty made possible by the Canine Cell Mates association , which plays the role of supplier of abandoned dogs . They thus have the chance to find themselves a master for several weeks. After a period of adaptation, marked by mutual discovery between the master and his canine, the dog spends 24 hours a day in the company of its new interim owner.

One way to empower the prisoner

The latter thus takes over a certain responsibility , with the objective of continuing education , or starting over from scratch. Care, organization, attention to others … prisoners have no more a minute to themselves, and must listen to their protege.

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Currently, this method is being tested at a prison in Fulton County, Atlanta . The results are promising. Indeed, the presence of doggies has made it possible to reduce the violence experienced by American prisons by 50%. Better, the probability that the dog finds a family increases. In the end, everyone comes out a winner!

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