Pip, the dog who wanted to be a guide for the blind; discover this magnificent animated short film

It is the story of a small dog who nurtures a big dream: to become a guide dog for the blind. His size and awkwardness are not in his favor, but Pip doesn’t lack determination or courage …

Guide dogs for the blind are essential partners on a daily basis for people suffering from total or partial blindness . Many associations provide training for this type of assistance dog around the world, including Southeastern Guide Dogs , based in Palmetto , Florida (southeastern United States).

It is precisely this organization that produced the very beautiful animated short film that we invite you to discover today. The video , which lasts 4 minutes, was posted a month ago on the YouTube platform.

It tells the story of Pip , a Labrador Retriever puppy who aspires to be a guide dog for the blind. So he goes to the training school of the Southeastern Guide Dogs and discovers, passing through the portal, a statue bearing the likeness of Ace , a guide dog famous for his courage. Then, entering the entrance hall, he has the opportunity to admire the portraits of notable members of the institution, as well as framed press articles recounting the major dates of the school and the heroic acts of the dogs. guides for the blind who have been trained there.

Pip is then coldly greeted by the trainer . Learning will be particularly hard for the puppy due to its small size and clumsiness , but the young quadruped will find a tremendous source of inspiration. The rest of the events will have surprises in store for you to discover …

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