No pets allowed in their residence, students send letter to neighbor’s dog to become friends with him

A group of students, having recently moved into a pet-friendly residence, wrote a letter to a neighbor where they noticed a friendly dog. The response did not disappoint them.

Jack McCrossan belongs to a quartet of English, Scottish and Welsh engineering students who have shared an apartment for the past few months. The problem for roommates is that the owner doesn’t accept dogs , even though they all grew up with pets . A real heartbreak for them, as The Dodo tells it.

But Jack saw a large black dog among the neighbors . With his 3 friends, he had the idea of writing a letter to his masters in the hope of being able to spend a little time with him regularly. In the message, they explained their situation and offered in particular to walk the animal and play with it from time to time.

On the envelope was a dog paw print . It was Stevie Ticks , the dog in question. Here is the content:

What a treat it has been to receive your letter! Speaking of treats, these are things that I absolutely love. Especially the big ones, full of meat and cheese… Oh sorry… Where was I?

I am 2 years and 4 months old and I am a Labrador-Retriever / German Shepherd cross. I’m from Cyprus, but Chris and Sarah adopted me from a shelter.

You are right, I am the best girl. But how did you guess? I am very friendly and lively. I love meeting new people and it would be great if we became friends. I must warn you that my friendship has a price: 5 throws of the ball a day and caresses on the stomach on demand.

Jack McCrossan photographed the letter and shared it on Twitter , which made it go viral . He and his roommates did contact Chris to set up the meeting .

So the first Stevie Ticks walk by the 4 engineers took place and it was a great time for everyone. The beginning of a beautiful friendship

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