Her boyfriend abandons her dog: she concocts an unforgettable plan to get revenge! (Video)

A man has certainly made the biggest mistake of his life: he abandoned his girlfriend’s dog. The latter, indignant, decided to take revenge in the best possible way.

The young woman was devastated after the disappearance of her pet, named Navy , that she looked for in every corner.

A friend of his companion, who took part in the scandalous operation, ended up having a bad conscience and told him the truth: Navy was abandoned. The reason ? It was not a purebred dog!

The Mexican’s distress turned to fury. Guided by her ire, she has devised a plan that no one will soon forget!

© La Vanguardia (screenshot)

Video has gone viral on social media

After recovering the canine thanks to her friend, the young woman found the perfect punishment, reports Sud Info .

Once the message was conveyed, she asked him to hang on to a barrier and count to 15 before removing the blindfold. Believing he was receiving a nice gift, he was stunned to find Navy with his owner, who confronted him. The man continued to deny the facts. The young woman decided to leave him alone and went away, so that he could feel what Navy endured through his fault.

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As a result of this story, the boyfriend obviously became an ex. The video was posted on social media and has garnered over 10 million views to date. The Mexican’s revenge has been applauded by thousands of Internet users.


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