Dog giving birth to puppies found by police weeks after kidnapping

Maggie was found just in time. Police located and recovered this stolen dog as she was about to give birth, a month after her abduction. 2 suspects have been arrested, as the newborn puppies and their mother will soon join their owners.

A female dog stolen last month while she was pregnant has just been found by police. When the police arrived, she was about to give birth, as Metro reported on Monday, June 14.

On May 13, the family of Maggie , a female French Bulldog, noted with dismay the disappearance of the latter, while she was at their home in the county of Devon (South West England).


They had no idea that the bitch’s kidnappers had taken her 300 kilometers further north, to Greater Manchester . Police investigators relied on a bundle of clues to locate the animal. They ended up determining its exact location, the town of Partington in this case.

The police attended the property in question on June 12, one month after the theft. They did find out about Maggie , who was in labor at the time. Soon after, the bitch gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies. The latter and their progenitor are doing very well, assures the Manchester police, who add that they have been entrusted to a veterinarian.


A 33-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman were arrested in connection with this case. Suspected of having kidnapped the animal, they were released, but continue to be investigated and will have to answer to justice.

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