Supported by the GRIMP forces, the firefighters are trying to save a dog that fell into a well 20 meters deep!

SDIS 59 / Twitter

A dog accompanying a group of hunters fell into a dry well, in the heart of the Avesnois Regional Natural Park. Because it found itself at the bottom of this old pump 20 meters deep, the canine could only be rescued thanks to the firefighters.

Yesterday Sunday, a hunting dog , of the Spaniel type and responding to the name of Apple , was alongside hunters in Trélon , in the North, when he found himself in a very bad position. As reported by France Bleu , in fact, the quadruped fell to the bottom of a hole 20 meters deep.

The hunters had no way of helping him. They then called for help . The Trélon firefighters quickly arrived. They were soon joined by a team of specialized colleagues from the GRIMP (Group for Reconnaissance and Intervention in Perilous Milieu), specified last night the SDIS 59 (departmental fire and rescue service of the North) in a tweet.

???? Apple, the dog saved at the last minute this afternoon, after a fall in a well

The # firefighters of Trélon, supported by specialized help from the #GRIMP managed this afternoon to extract alive, a hunting dog that fell 20 meters underground.

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– SDIS 59 (@ Sdis59) September 27, 2020

The rescue operation took place around noon. One of the rescuers lowered into the old well by means of a pulley attached to a tractor . Arrived at the level of the dog, he was able to recover it and both were immediately brought to the surface . Safe and sound , he was taken to the vet for a full examination.

Thierry Reghem , mayor of the town of Avesnoise, explains that the hole in question is “ an old pump ” and that “ the well was dry ”.

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