10 owners who thought they left with the wrong dog after he went to the groomer

Dogs also know this experience which transforms you completely. This is the metamorphosis after a grooming session, as illustrated in these photos.

There are several reasons for dog grooming. This is a treatment that can be performed for reasons of hygiene or aesthetics. Either way, the change is always such that owners have a hard time recognizing their dog.

Here are 10 photos of dogs before / after grooming.

1. This German Spitz bitch is about fifteen years old and her visit to the groomer makes her much younger.

2. This brave dog has changed completely with this new haircut. His hair, which was long and curly, has given way to a dog who seems to be on the lookout

3. His big eyes and tender gaze have finally seen the light of day, and the owners of this Schnauzer are delighted.

4. This very beautiful Bobtail dog has not yet blown his first candle and, with his new haircut, he manages to make his age.

5. 2 wonderful friends who do it all together and who stuck together while they were being groomed

6. This German Shepherd and Poodle cross looks happy to feel lighter after getting rid of all that hair

7. A second Schnauzer with white hair and, henceforth, shorter

8. His good mood shines both before and after the grooming session.

9. This lovely dog seems to have changed his identity as well as his breed.

10. A lovely Shih-Tzu fresh out of the living room


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