Itchy skin, hair loss or dull coat? Have the natural and organic reflex Canibio

Illustration : "Démangeaisons cutanées, perte de poils ou pelage terne ? Ayez le réflexe naturel et bio : Canibio"

Even if it is hidden by a coat more or less long depending on the breed or more or less bushy depending on the season, the skin of our dog remains an essential component of his body. If we want to be convinced, it is enough to realize that the hair represents 12% of the body weight of an animal of 15 kg and that the latter offers its environment a body surface of more than half a square meter.”

More than half a square meter, in which can scramble, at leisure, fleas, ticks and other parasites. More than half a square meter, in which, many aeroallergens (pollen, dust …) can come to invite themselves, just to linger a little.”

So many opportunities, therefore, for our companion, to scratch with vigor, to the point of making us want to scold him, so much we imagine the discomfort he inflicts on himself with claws. And the risk is all the more present when the sunny days thrive and offer multiple possibilities of outings, walks in the countryside and swimming more or less allowed …

The structure of the skin and its usefulness

The skin plays a role of barrier against these exogenous aggressions and also against variations in environmental parameters (temperature, hygrometry…) by actively participating in homeostasis.”

As in other mammals, the dog’s skin consists of several layers. If we start from the surface and walk to the depth, we first find the epidermis (covered with a stratum corneum), the dermis (which houses the hair follicles and the sebaceous and sweat glands) and the hypodermis.”

Each of these layers plays a role in the protection of the whole organism:

The epidermis is the physical barrier that ensures the impermeability of the skin. The dermis, in addition to playing its mechanical role in supporting the epidermis, contains a large number of cells responsible for the immune reactions of the skin. The hypodermis, which consists mainly of lipids, plays the role of energy reservoir, thermal insulator and place of transit of nutrients required for the proper functioning of the dermis

One of the manifestations of this role of protection and regulation of skin cells is the manufacture of sebum (viscous and oily substance that coats the hair in order to preserve it) and sweat (which guarantees temperature control). interior).”

It should be noted, however, at this stage, that the dog sweats very little through the skin. To avoid heat inflation, he has developed the panting technique that allows him to evacuate water vapor through the tongue and upper respiratory tract, thus benefiting from the cooling following this evaporation.”

As such, particular attention should be paid to the prevention of heat stroke during periods of heat waves, leaving fresh and clean water at the constant disposal of our animals and limiting exposure to the sun when it hits too hard.”

” Skin problems are reflections of inner pathologies and vice versa.

Any owner of furry animals will tell you that a soft and shiny coat is the infallible symptom of the good health of the individual concerned. Add to this the emotional dimension that connects the master to his pet and you make this criterion the priority in the choice of care you provide to your companion (diet, nutritional supplement, cosmetic specialties …).”

But obviously, the health of the hair goes through the health of the skin that generates it, maintains it and replaces it.”

The physiological functioning of the skin is complex and its optimization is multifactorial. But one thing is certain: it cannot be achieved if the cells that make up this organ do not find, sufficientlye, in the internal environment the nutrients required to build effective means of defense against external aggressions.”

Two axes to favor: mechanical strength and cellular metabolic efficiency.”

Indeed, we do not raise our pets under airtight bells and some precautions we take, they remain exposed to the aggression of external parasites and environmental allergens that, in any case, will try their luck in a hospital fleece. The physical tightness of the barrier must be guaranteed and the immune work of the cells stimulated.”

To achieve this, the path of nutrition can be privileged, encouraging us to propose in the ration, the cocktail of active molecules that, once bio-assimilated will contribute to reaching the target.”

” Offer him a concentrate of active ingredients of organic origin

Canibio Peau Poil is a 100% natural nutritional supplement, formulated from components selected for their recognized properties.”

Its presentation in liquid form is perfectly adapted to the specificity of the dog’s digestive system (short transit, low activity of salivary enzymes and intestinal flora) and ensures its bioavailability.”

It contains, among others:

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Aloe vera that provides more than 80 nutritional components assimilable to fill any form of nutritional deficiency. In addition, thanks to its immunostimulating properties, aloe vera helps to strengthen the body’s defenses. Essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that will serve as raw materials for the construction of the epidermis weft (cell walls), guaranteeing its flexibility and elasticity. They also participate in stimulating the animal’s immune system by modulating oxidative stress. Brewer’s yeast which is a source of natural vitamins (especially those of group B) that play a special role in the metabolism of cells. They are therefore particularly useful in the regeneration processes of hair and skin. Spirulina, source of protein and other highly assimilable nutrients. Supporting digestion processes, spirulina effectively participates in the proper assimilation of all the elements of the ration.

Two weeks of treatment, at the rate of 10 or 20 or 30 ml per day depending on the size of your dog (amount to be poured directly on the kibble or paste). And you will lose a lot of energy in caresses because you will not be able to resist the softness of his coat…

The whole CANIBIO team is at your disposal for any further information.”

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