Sleep with a dog

Illustration : "Dormir avec son chien"

is it a good idea to let his dog sleep next to him? Everyone has a very different point of view. Arguments for and against this practice are credible. Their main concern is grade and hygiene.


hygiene and health reading and grade status

sleeping with dogs? The problem divided the dog owners. Some people tolerate and even encourage this practice, while others are completely impossible to allow access to their beds or even bedrooms. Both sides put forward quite strong arguments. Therefore, we will explain the reasons for “yes” and “no” to you and let you express your opinions. Finally, it depends more on individual choice.

hygiene and health

hygiene and health issues are the main issues raised when deciding whether to sleep with dogs. Obviously, many dog owners prefer not to let their limb partners enter their beds to keep their rooms clean. In fact, dogs are likely to carry bacteria and hair, which can cause or promote disease. Some people are particularly sensitive to allergens, while others just want their beds to be as healthy as possible.


are understandable and defensible arguments, but they may contradict each other in various cases. In addition to people with allergies being forced to minimize contact with dogs, people may think that sleeping with dogs is good for human health Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. A study presented at the International Conference of the European Respiratory Society (ERs) held in Munich in September 2014 showed that infants aged 0 to 3 months had a nearly 80% reduction in the risk of asthma at the age of 6. Being close to the dog will enhance their immune defense ability, so as to better protect them from asthma.

of course, children and dogs should not be careless when sleeping, because accidents may occur: the bite reaction of children after illness, Asphyxia…


dogs must also be clean, regularly cared for, vaccinated and deworming to prevent disease transmission.

reading and grade status

dogs need to evolve in an established hierarchical structure, led and followed by individuals. In their mind, the master is supreme, so they abide by the rules set by the master.

putting his dog to bed is tantamount to encouraging him to challenge the master’s hierarchical status. This bed is actually the owner’s privileged resting place. Therefore, when a dog sleeps there, it gains a dominant position, which may lead to unpopular behavior.

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. Therefore, the choice of whether to sleep with a dog will depend on his education and, most importantly, The hierarchical relationship between animals and their owners. If they are well established, some owners will occasionally put their dogs to bed with permission

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