Dog belt

Illustration : "La laisse pour chien"

belt is one of the essential accessories for any dog owner. This is a good choice. Animals must learn to walk from a very young age.

abstract what is the use of

belts? How to choose the right belt for his dog? Teaching him how to use

belt is practical and necessary in all cases. Belt is one of the basic accessories that must be possessed when raising a dog, just like necklace, harpoon or bed. It is required by law to be used in public places. It is a specific physical connection between the owner and the animal when walking, and it is also a guarantee for the safety of dogs and other called people. However, you must choose the most suitable model for your animal and teach it how to walk correctly, which requires patience and effort. What is the use of

belt? Why does

deprive his dog of freedom of movement? On the surface, this is equivalent to imposing real coercion on its animals, but it is reasonable for various considerations, first and foremost safety related considerations.

in some cases, wearing a belt is a legal obligation: Class 1 or class 2 dogs, public roads (according to the regulations of the municipal government), during the period from April 15 to June 30, in the woods and forests outside the Boulevard… The law of


is not accidental; it aims to prevent possible events when dogs lose control. Escape away from the owner (and therefore the importance of early memory) and turn to other dogs or people who may be attacked or afraid (even inadvertently), or hurt them. Regardless of the quality of the dog’s education, it is preventive to walk the dog with a belt. Of course, in some places, it is tolerable to allow the dog to evolve freely.

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Most dog education experts recommend using metal or nylon belts because they usually last longer than leather models. Belts with padded handles are also preferred because if you deal with dogs To shoot (defects that need to be repaired as soon as possible), you may leave traces on your hands.

For the belt length, it is recommended to use models ranging from 1 m to 1.20 M. too short models will “trap” animals, making their freedom of movement very limited, while too long models, such as telescopic reels, cannot be effectively controlled. NT is usually reserved only for smaller dogs, who have well combined walking with belts.

belts, these very long flat belts, are designed for sports purposes, such as canicros or canivtt, or professionals (police, army, rescue…).

teaches him how to walk with belts The study of

belt walking should start as soon as possible. Once the dog is used to wearing a necklace and has completed vaccination, the first training of


should be carried out at home, quiet and without any interference source. Also read: BowThe dog

tied his belt to his necklace and let him walk around the house so that he could be familiar with it. Slowly hug him with a belt and take a few steps. The dog will naturally resist and force you to drag it away. When he took a few correct steps and didn’t shoot, give him some candy and congratulations.

in the next meeting, do the same thing, but outside. Increase the walking distance to ensure that it is always on the same side (according to convention, choose the left hand). Change the pace of walking, stop without warning, and turn in the same unexpected way to let your dog follow your rhythm.


require a lot of time and patience. Don’t expect a smooth walk after several training, but you will see progress through efforts and encouragement. “

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