Deaf dog lost in snowstorm has been found

Hours after she got lost in a snowstorm, an elderly, deaf dog was found by a couple and returned to her family. Safe and sound, Peaches resumed her good old ways at home, as if nothing had happened.

Doreen Clark was extremely worried about her dog Peaches . The latter had vanished in the middle of a blizzard . Fortunately, she was found during the day, as Patch reports.

On Monday morning (February 1), as every day, the mistress Peaches had let out for it dégourdisse Hands off the house in Greenport, NY. Usually the bitch would come home on her own after a few minutes or start barking at the door to be opened. That day, however, she had not reappeared .

Doreen Clark was all the more concerned that Peaches is a senior, deaf bitch. Besides, she was not feeling well the last few days. 4 hours had passed since his disappearance and the fear of his owner only increased. His family posted a wanted notice on Facebook . “ Our hearts are broken ” could be read in particular.

Found 5 kilometers from her home, in the middle of a snowstorm

Peaches’ mistress contacted local shelters and the North Fork Vet Clinic . In the meantime, a couple living in the East , 5 kilometers as the crow flies away, also contacted the said clinic to inform them that they had just found the dog near their home, in a snowstorm and sitting in the middle of the road.

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