Moved by the hospitalization of his owner, this German Shepherd awaits his return at the doorstep every day!

When the father of her mistress, to whom she was extremely attached, was hospitalized, the dog did not hide her sadness at being deprived of her presence. She waited for him all night at the front door of the house.

Leia is a German Shepherd dog who adores her family, but isn’t one to go overboard when it comes to showing affection . Very independent , her way of telling her people that she loves them is by lying next to them or waiting for them behind the bathroom door , as her owner Katie Snyder tells The Dodo .

Recently, he and his wife went out to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. During the evening, he became ill , the result of complications from his cancer . He was therefore forced to spend the night in the hospital , but he had to be alone. His wife could not accompany him there due to restrictions related to Covid-19 .

She came home, where Leia , very sad, was desperately awaiting the return of Katie Snyder’s father. Her mother took a picture of her as she sat facing the front door , head down .

When she sent me this photo, I immediately collapsed in tears, ” says the owner of the canine. “ I got to see how much Leia loved my dad and how much she missed him ,” she adds.

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Her daddy came home the next day . Leia was obviously thrilled to find him. She never left him with one sole.


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