Victim of hoax, police evacuate shopping center to defuse fictitious bomb in car, save Husky

New York police rescued a dog locked in a vehicle that also contained a fake bomb. The car was near a large shopping center which had to be evacuated. The dehydrated animal was able to quench its thirst and was taken care of.

About ten days after a car bomb exploded in Nashville , Tennessee, New York City police feared a similar attack in their city, specifically at the Queens Place Mall , but it turned out to be was acting out of a hoax this time around. A Siberian Husky dog was rescued during the operation, as reported by Tom’s Guide .

The incident took place on Monday (January 4). A passerby intrigued by a Tesla with opaque windows and parked near the shopping center had informed the police. She called in her demining team , who did find a bomb there , but it was a fake one .

Meanwhile, the police had urgently evacuated the Mall , as well as neighboring homes located on Queens Boulevard and 56th Avenue .

While inspecting the vehicle, the deminers discovered the Husky there. No one knows how long he was locked in the cabin. Enough, in any case, to suffer from dehydration . The police quickly picked him up, starting by giving him water.

Recall that Tesla , co-founded by Elon Musk , had launched a system called Dog Mode to protect dogs left inside the brand’s automobiles by their owners from heatstroke. A device reviewed and corrected following a malfunction.

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Going back to Monday’s false bomb threat, New York Police were able to identify the perpetrator of the hoax and are currently looking for him. The individual in question is said to be a follower of conspiracy theories , in particular about Covid-19 and vaccines. In addition, he was arrested last week, investigators suspecting him in a case of arson .


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