A little boy feeds stray dogs with his pocket money before creating his own shelter!

In the Philippines , in 2014, a young boy created the first refuge in his region. The goal was to save stray dogs (and cats), as he was trying to do on a smaller scale, on the street, by feeding them. A gesture that has triggered many donations around the world. Offering him the possibility of setting up his structure!

Ken Amante was once a young boy living in the Philippines . A boy who chose to donate his pocket money to animals in need. Has stray dogs. Every day, he used to leave his home with a backpack full of food. We are in 2014 and, one fine day, his father decides to follow him. Intrigued by such a practice.

On the way to school, Ken took the time to stop next to Brownie and Whitey , two stray puppies, and Blackie , a woman suspected of being their mother. There, he gave them what he had packed in his bag. If dogs suffered from mange , they did not shy away from their pleasure when it came to enjoying their daily meal.

A massive influx of donations!

Thanks to the pictures taken by the father and posted on the Internet, Ken became famous all over the world. His action was hailed by all defenders of the animal cause . So much so that donations have reached him.

In fact, I have always loved animals, even when I was young. I loved them even when I was little. My parents told me that, before I could even speak, I was already sleeping with my father’s cat, Hajime-kun. Hajime-kun is 14 years old now and he is still there, ”he explains to our colleagues from HNGN.

He created the first refuge in his region!

On March 31, 2014, thanks to money received from all over the world, he created the “ Happy Animals Club ”, which became the first refuge in the Davao region, in the Philippines . “I want to save as many dogs as possible from death for no reason. Dogs and cats , also welcome in a place quickly taken over by Brownie , Whitey and Blackie .

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