For his dog he adores, he does not hesitate to destroy the walls of his house

Hennessy’s master had found the perfect place to create a little personal space for him. When he finished the job, he wasn’t sure if his dog was going to like the result. The verdict was final!

He’s like a son to me ,” David Maceo says of his dog Hennessy to The Dodo . That’s why he does everything to make him happy .

The man and his wife bought their first house, but before moving in, they stayed with David’s mother for a while. The couple and the French Bulldog had to share a room, so there was n’t a lot of space for the canine.

David wanted to “redeem himself” in a way, and give him a place of his own in their new home. He chose to build it under the stairs , but he had to check the inside first. By slipping a small camera in it, he was able to realize that there was enough volume to carry out his project.

The man devoted several consecutive Sundays to it. Once the frame and lighting were completed, he tackled the comfort and decor of Hennessy’s new niche .

There are a few family photos hung there, including one with the couple’s other dog, who died a year earlier.

All that remained was to place his basket and some sweets in it , then to await the verdict of the person concerned. Hennessy did not need to be asked to enter and land there. He absolutely loved it !

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He feels safe under the stairs. He finds the place very comfortable, perfect for him, ”rejoices David .


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