The reaction of this chained Pitbull when we approach him is crazy, an association offers him freedom

Chained since the age of a year, Frankie did not want anyone to deprive him of his freedom in this way, not even his former owner who finally let him go to a refuge.

Frankie the dog lived in his owner’s auto body shop. When he was still just a little puppy , everything was fine for this Pitbull . As he grew older, however, his life became increasingly sad . His master could not take care of him properly, and at the age of one he decided to keep him in chains because he had developed a habit of running away .

A member of BFF Pet Rescue , an association that helps large dogs and Pitbulls, Summer Parker has heard of Frankie . She contacted her owner, asking to meet him and his dog. The next day, the volunteer went to the scene and was able to convince the man to let him take the quadruped. He agreed, realizing that Frankie deserved much better than the life he was leading so far.

While going to see Frankie , Summer Parker discovered a dog covered in grease, oil and dust. Her dress , normally white and tan , had turned gray . Despite everything, he was very friendly to her and even greeted her happily with a wagging tail.

A few days later, thanks to the care of Summer Parker and his comrades, the quadruped was totally transformed . His coat had regained its original beautiful color, even though the BFF Pet Rescue team could not get him to take a proper bath. Frankie was, in fact, afraid to step into the tub. The volunteers therefore washed it using a damp cloth.

The Pitbull was then taken to the vet . He was sterilized and vaccinated , then entered the learning phase: education , socialization … For the first time in his life, Frankie met other dogs. He was enjoying the shelter’s vast expanses of greenery and the benevolence of the folks at BFF Pet Rescue , while waiting to be fully ready for adoption .

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