Abandoned then rescued, this dog devotes a true cult to the one who extended his hand to him

Since Sam held out his hand to her, her dog Stanley literally doesn’t want to let go.

In the spring of 2017, Sam Clarence , who lives in Christchurch , New Zealand, volunteered to walk the dogs at the Bull Breed Rescue shelter not far from his home. He was then asked if he could keep a 6 month old puppy for a few weeks. The young dog and his brother were discovered with their mother on an abandoned property . As soon as he met Stanley , Sam Clarence knew he was going to be much more than a Provisional Master for the Quadruped.

However, it was far from being won at the start. The puppy was terrified , to the point of taking nearly an hour to get out of the car when he arrived in front of his new home, as The Dodo recounted. The first evening, Stanley had been treated to a bath , a good meal and a cozy bed by the fireside. Then, day by day, confidence set in. The dog’s attachment to Sam Clarence grew stronger and stronger.

The latter decided to adopt him definitively and Stanley began to follow him absolutely everywhere . The dog systematically put its paw on its arm , as if to maintain permanent physical contact . When his adopted dad wasn’t at home, he did the same with his roommate.

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Since then, it has become a reflex . Whether Sam is driving or watching TV, Stanley will sit or lie down next to him and touch him with his paw. They go from adventure to adventure on roads, beaches, countryside and other natural sites, so many opportunities for the dog to breathe the fresh air and run as he pleases. He is the perfect travel companion for Sam , but also his best friend . A feeling which, no doubt, is mutual.


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