Unhealthy puppy found in garbage bag, tries to recover from neglect

A man discovered Cora, a 9 month old puppy, abandoned and locked in a garbage bag in Florida. Skinny and exhausted, she was rushed to a veterinary hospital. His days were numbered …

Cora arrived at the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) in deplorable condition. Skin on bones, body covered in urine and feces, gums white from anemia, the young dog barely had the strength to lift her head. Healers could see great distress and sadness in his hazel eyes.

Veterinarian Lisa Soyka did everything to save her. After examining her, the professional administered several drugs to her. Cora also received blood transfusions to treat her anemia, People said .

© Veterinary Emergency Group

Cora began to gain strength

After several days of treatment, Cora’s health improved rapidly. She went from just 9 kg to 20 kg. His energy returned little by little.

© Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue

The female German Shepherd Dog began to get up and move around, to the delight of the veterinarian who treated her. She follows physiotherapy sessions, which help her regain her strength and walk.

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It’s a huge relief for this puppy who came very close to death. Today, he lives in a foster home, the time to recover from the neglect he has endured. While waiting to be offered for adoption, Cora receives tremendous support and love from her benefactors. After having lived a terrible experience, she calmly begins a new chapter in her life.

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