20 animals that grew up well, but kept their puppy soul

As they grow up, dogs keep their puppy soul. These photos are a very good illustration of this.

Adult dogs are nothing but big babies. They keep their habits from when they were still puppies. Which only makes them all the more adorable.

Here are 20 photos of dogs who have kept their puppy soul.

1. This adorable Bulldog has the same sparkling smile of happiness

2. A Golden Retriever who will always be pampered by his friend

3. This German Shepherd will have spent all these years chewing on his cuddly toy, but he keeps it anyway.

4. This dog is absolutely touching with his plush ball

5. Despite the size difference, this Great Dane does not give up his owl

6. A happy puppy who stayed that way growing up

7. This Husky is always happy to spend time with his owner.

8. A fur ball that has grown over the years

9. This faithful Welsh Corgi Cardigan has always been anxious to see his master come home at the end of the day

10. His owner has been his best friend since he was little.

11. A curious gaze for a long time

12. A strong and determined American Akita since he was born

@malcolm_the_akita / Instagram

13. This dog will always be his master’s little puppy

14. This Samoyed is the darling of his mistress

15. You don’t change a winning team

16. This Pitbull cross has always needed reassurance in the car

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17. He will never give up his right to be carried by his best friend

18. This Australian Shepherd always takes the same pose for the photo

19. A happy dog in the arms of his master

20. He always loved playing in the grass


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