Woman calls for help after horror finding dog stranded in mine shaft

Although she had only recently learned to walk again after an amputation, a woman walked for a long time on steep terrain to find her dog, trapped at the bottom of a cavity. Thanks to the firefighters, the animal was saved and returned to its family.

Emma and Dan Rule live in Beaconsfield , Tasmania (South East Australia) with their dog Bear . The latter, a German Shepherd Dog, was of great support to the mother as she recovered from the amputation of part of her leg, reports The Examiner .

Emma had received a prosthesis and had to learn to walk again. A difficult process during which Bear had helped her enormously.

It was she who noticed very early on Sunday morning (May 9) that the dog was missing and she was the first to look for him, when it was very dark.

The animal had probably started in pursuit of one or more pademelons – marsupials – through the portal Emma had found open. He was nowhere to be found, until his mistress heard his complaints near a path.

They came from a 5 meter deep hole, an old mine shaft. Bear had found himself at the bottom of the cavity and could not climb back up.

Emma immediately called her husband. Joining her, Dan could not help but feel admiration for her, because she had managed to overcome many obstacles on this particularly difficult ground despite her handicap and the darkness.

The couple then contacted emergency services. At daybreak, volunteer firefighters arrived on the scene.

One of them got off and made Bear wear a harness and tie him to a rope. Then, his colleagues began to hoist the 45 kg dog upwards, while he helped them by lifting it. The German Shepherd has finally found the surface and its owners.

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