Disabled, this man in a wheelchair can count on the unconditional support of his dog who pushes him and accompanies him everywhere!

Digong doesn’t just keep his disabled master company and bring him comfort. He also helps her in everyday life, especially by helping her get around. This is shown in a video recorded by a couple who passed the duo in the street.

Danilo Alarcon lives in the Philippines, more precisely in Davao , a city in the south of the country. A few years ago, this man was the victim of a terrible motorcycle accident . Because of the latter, he lost the use of his legs and has since had to use a wheelchair .

Life is not easy every day for Danilo Alarcon , but he can count on the unwavering support of his dog Digong , as the Animal Channel recounts. He adopted the canine when it was still a very young puppy . Both quickly became attached to each other, to the point of becoming inseparable . They even depend on each other.

Digong comforts him when he needs it, but not only. The dog also learned to push his wheelchair to help him move forward. This is precisely what can be seen in the video below, filmed by a couple in a car.

Faith and Danjo Revilla were taking the Seminary road when they saw Danilo being pushed by Digong ahead of them. Faith was so moved by this scene that she captured it with her smartphone.

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The couple were then able to meet the dog and his master. They had lunch together and chatted for a long time, even taking some pretty souvenir photos .


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