The association Gamelles Pleines aux petits soins for the pets of disadvantaged people

Illustration : "L’association Gamelles Pleines aux petits soins pour les animaux de compagnie des personnes défavorisées" © Full Bowls

Established in La Rochelle in 2020, the association 1901 Gamelles Pleines has set itself the mission of helping pet owners in precarious situations. To do this, the association organizes 2 health meetings in May.”

This is not a scoop: animals can be great companions, sometimes the most faithful and important in the life of an owner. Their presence considerably brightens up everyday life. Dogs or cats are able to offer a lot of affection and joy. Some isolated and destitute people have only their devoted pet by their side. And it is not always easy to provide them with all the necessary care, due to a lack of material and financial resources in particular.”

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To answer this problem, the association Gamelles Pleines decided to give them a serious boost by organizing 2 highlights in La Rochelle. His goal? Carry out preventive solidarity veterinary medicine.”

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A positive action to improve the well-being of animals

During health meetings, volunteers, canine educators, social workers or veterinarians mobilize to meet the most disadvantaged, identified and contacted in advance by the organization as well as the social partners of the city. These convivial appointments will be an opportunity to carry out a battery of care, such as identification, deworming, deworming, but also vaccination.”

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The identification of animals: an important step to strengthen the relationship with their owner

The association focuses on the identification of animals, an essential step in the process of responsible ownership. By supporting this process alongside the company I-CAD, Gamelles Pleines encourages the unique bond between the animal and its owner. The volunteers remind you that identification is the only reliable and official way to prove belonging.”

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To learn more about the actions carried out by the association, go to the official website of Full Bowls.”

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