Falco, the epileptic dog whose drug was not found, saved thanks to a strong mobilization on social networks

Didier Lloret will no longer have to worry about his dog Falco, since he has been given enough medication to be able to treat him until December. Treatment to control his epileptic seizures is currently out of stock in France and other countries.

At the end of September, we relayed the appeal launched by Didier Lloret , owner of a Border Collie dog suffering from epilepsy .

This writer living in Montberon in Haute-Garonne, a dozen km from Toulouse , explained on Facebook that the drug to prevent epileptic seizures of his 4-legged companion and to extend his life expectancy was out of stock. in France.

He had opened up the last vial of Pexion 400 and had sought restocking from several pharmacies, all of which told him they had no more . The drug in question is only produced in Mexico .

Many internet users shared his call . Many of them also owned dogs with epilepsy and offered him various alternative treatments recommended by their veterinarians . Except that they were not all necessarily adapted to the form of epilepsy from which Falco has.

Didier Lloret feared having to change treatment for his dog, but he will not have to do so . Indeed, as reported by France Bleu , individuals have donated the drug to him and he has enough to last until December . In the meantime, lots of Pexion 400 should arrive in France, probably towards the end of November .

He himself announced it on Facebook this Monday, October 5 in a post through which he thanked all those who helped him find a solution.

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