He throws his injured dog, but still alive, in the trash

Gendarmerie de la Charente-Maritime / Facebook

In Charente-Maritime, a man was arrested by the gendarmes and taken into custody after placing his dog in a garbage bag. The animal had just been hit by a vehicle, but it was still alive. The SPA took charge of it.

The facts, revealed by the Gendarmerie de la Charente-Maritime via its Facebook page, took place on Saturday January 25.

That day, in the town of Archingeay , a dog was hit by a car . Instead of taking him to the veterinary emergency room to receive the necessary care , the owner of the animal in question, a Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Dipsy , had a whole different attitude.

The individual has, in fact, decided to place the injured dog in a bag and to throw it among the garbage . Fortunately, a resident witnessed the scene and immediately notified the gendarmes of Saint-Jean-d’Angély . The soldiers immediately took the quadruped to a veterinary clinic where he was operated on .

They also took his master into custody . The latter will have to appear in court for an act of cruelty to an animal , as reported by France Bleu .

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In addition, the Society for the Protection of Animals has been informed of this situation. The dog, who is doing better since the accident, was therefore placed in one of the SPA shelters. Once fully recovered, he may be offered for adoption , since he has been taken away from his master.

We can consider that Dipsy is a miracle . Without the resident’s testimony and if he had spent a few more hours in the bag, he would probably not have survived.

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