Manatee saves dog from drowning that has been struggling for hours! (Video)

At the end of his rope and at risk of drowning, a dog that fell into a river received unexpected help, that of a manatee. The aquatic mammal accompanied him until a policeman arrived, who managed to get him out of the water and handed him over to his family.

In Tampa , Florida, an 8-month-old Pitbull had managed to escape from his owners’ house by drilling a hole in the fence . The dog’s escape took a perilous turn, since he fell into the river a few meters away.

Hours passed and the animal struggled to keep its head above the water, as the current carried it dangerously towards the mouth , Animal Channel recounts. Residents noticed this and called for help .

Officer Randy Lopez of the Tampa Police Marine Unit quickly attended the scene. The policeman specializing in interventions in aquatic environments was preparing to descend when he saw a gray silhouette underwater , behind the dog. It was a manatee .

The manatee stayed with the dog until he was rescued

The sirenian swam around the quadruped as if trying to reassure it . He did not move away until Officer Lopez managed to grab hold of the Pitbull, after deploying his telescopic ladder. His mission accomplished, the manatee set off again up the stream.

Safe and sound , the Pitbull has been returned to its owners, grateful to Randy Lopez and the manatee.

Here is the report from ABC Action News :

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