Guide dog changes life for baby girl with autism spectrum disorder

The arrival of a guide dog called Diamond in the life of little Ella was a huge trigger. In just a few days, the latter, suffering from a form of autism, came out of her bubble thanks to the canine.

Ella , 10, suffers from an autism spectrum disorder and poor vision. Because of this, she was in a state of isolation from a young age and had very little interaction with those around her. Today, the situation is totally different thanks to Diamond , a female Labrador Retriever who has become her best friend, confidante and source of comfort, tells Daily Star .

Nicola Moss / Daily Star

The mother of the child, Nicola Moss , cannot believe it. She didn’t expect a bitch to have such an impact on her daughter. The family, who live in Belper in the English county of Derbyshire, had tried different methods for 6 long years to no avail. Until Diamond adoption in August 2020.

The idea came to them when Ella had met another guide dog when she was 4 years old. It was a key moment; although she had hardly ever spoken before, she had spoken her first words while addressing the animal. His master had then suggested to the Moss to think of this solution.

Nicola Moss / Daily Star

Nicola Moss / Daily Star

For the mother of a family, this ability that the dog possesses to sense Ella’s emotional state is decisive. So much so that she finds it hard to imagine life without the dog. She even calls this process a “ miracle ”.

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Nicola Moss / Daily Star


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