Abandoned in a trash can and overwhelmed by illness, this 8-month-old Chihuahua discovers what love is

Thor surely wouldn’t have survived any longer if he hadn’t been discovered and taken care of. Abandoned in the most cruel way and injured, he was taken in by a family while awaiting adoption.

In Dickinson , Texas, city animal control officers were alerted to a garbage bag seen on the side of the road. Inside, there was movement . When they opened it, they discovered a puppy in very bad shape , reports The Dodo .

It was Thor , a young Chihuahua dog. He was covered in fleas and blood , and was shivering . Above all, his right eye was seriously damaged . There was no doubt that he had been abandoned .

The animal was immediately taken to the Animal Kingdom Pet Hospital veterinary clinic . The puppy had other traces of injuries , most likely caused by the attack by another dog . As for his eye, vets had no choice but to remove it . The operation was risky, however, and it was uncertain whether he would survive it .

Despite everything, the intervention went perfectly and Thor recovered little by little. Kristin Smith , a veterinary assistant who had taken care of him during his hospitalization, was so touched by the animal and its story that she decided to welcome him at her home during his convalescence and that he was found a adoptive family .

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