Music lover, this Dogue de Bordeaux can’t help singing when he hears his favorite song from singer Alicia Keys!

sharkforsale / YouTube

As soon as the first notes of his favorite song sound, Frank the dog cannot resist the temptation to accompany the song with his voice. It is simply stronger than him. His master had the good idea to film him while this four-legged tenor was at work.

Dogs howl like wolves for a number of reasons, including in reaction to songs , whether it is from their owners or someone else. According to some specialists, the animal does not really know how to interpret these sounds. He can also take them for a social call and respond to them in his own way.

Anyway, we tend to have an anthropocentric gaze on certain behaviors displayed by our pets, and we like to believe that our dogs have the same sensitivity as us towards music , for example. example.

The Dogue de Bordeaux in question here reacts, precisely, to a song while playing the wolf. Appreciates t really the melody or, conversely, these sounds the -they bother? What is certain is that they do not leave him indifferent.

The canine, responding to Frank’s name, was lying quietly on the living room carpet, playing with his favorite toy in front of the television. Its owner, who was filming the scene, put on the song “ Doesn’t Mean Anything ” performed by Alicia Keys .

The first notes are heard and Frank immediately changes his attitude. He abandons his toy and turns all his attention to the television. He then begins to howl and growl , and only stops when his human pauses playback. He throws it again and the dog immediately resumes giving voice.

His master ended up stopping the reading for good, probably so as not to disturb the neighbors’ evening with the screams of his adorable canine friend.

Here is the video showing Frank as he pushes the song, posted on YouTube and relayed by Animal Channel :

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