Dog passport

Illustration : "Le passeport pour chien"

if you want to travel with your dog in the EU, you must take your passport with you, because your dog can obtain a passport at the customs of the country you visit.


what does it look like? How much? What information does it contain? How to get it? Who can claim it? In short,

pets must carry passports when traveling between EU Member States. This document contains some important information that the authorities of these countries may request at any time. The information on the dog’s passport includes ID card and vaccination. What does

look like? The

passport is a blue booklet with the stars on the European flag, measuring 10 x 15.2 cm. “EU” is written on the cover and the name of the member state presenting the document.

also includes the passport number, which contains the ISO code of the member state, a unique identifier corresponding to the dog’s chip or tattoo.

How much?

your dog’s European passport costs about 15 euros. If you lose it, you can buy a copy for 5 euros. What information does

contain? The

dog passport shows the owner’s details: his first and last name, and his address. It also includes:

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on the dog passport, we can also find information about animal vaccination. Rabies vaccination is usually controlled by the authorities, but the authorities can also inspect other vaccines, tests, treatments and inspections in accordance with the current health regulations in the country. Therefore, the vaccine is accurate because it includes the identity of the manufacturer and veterinarian. How can

obtain it? The

veterinarian is the only person who has the right to issue a dog passport after the animal is vaccinated for the first time. The owner of


dogs must tell him the status of the destination, because some countries require other types of tests in addition to rabies vaccine. For example, the British, Finnish and Swedish authorities require dogs to be de wormed 24 hours to 5 days before arrival.

who can ask you to do so?

the customs authorities of any EU member state may request access to dog passports during transit.


Customs verify whether the documents have been updated. If this is not the case or does not comply with its provisions, the customs authorities may take a number of measures in accordance with their national laws.


customs authorities have the right to require animal owners to return animals to their country of origin at their own expense, If they think the passport and the condition of the dog are not in accordance with the regulations. In some cases, it may be decided to isolate animals and even euthanize them when the situation requires.

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travel peacefully with your pets in the EU, Therefore, you’d better make sure your passport is up-to-date and complies with type V regulations.Hyenas in the destination country.

in short,

your dog must hold a European passport. An average of 15 euros. It is only issued by your veterinarian if your dog has a bad smell or tattoo and it has the latest vaccines, including rabies vaccine. If the customs finds that your passport is invalid, you may spend a lot of money. Depending on the country, it may cause your dog to be euthanized

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